• Where To Start?

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    Since young, I’ve always been a vain pot so it’s NO surprise that I LOVE MAKEUP! Yes, I LOVE dolling people up!

    A starter in makeup would have many questions though- “Where do I start? Should I just buy everything? What should I get?”

    Usually, when you start shopping for makeup, you end up with more than what you need (even for makeup gurus!). Don’t be swayed by salespeople that you HAVE to buy EVERYTHING. You don’t need to follow all the current trends. Not all makeup trends will look good on everyone anyway. Just be comfortable in your own skin, no matter how simple or how dramatic the makeup look. Less is better for a start.

    Often, clients take out makeup products that they’ve never used before during their one-to-one makeup lesson. They say, “I’ve had these for a year but I’ve never gotten the chance to use them” or “I just don’t know how to use it!”. At the end of our sessions usually, my clients truly appreciated knowing how to put the items they’ve bought to good use. Just remember to check their expiry dates from the time you open them!

    So let me walk you through the 11 essential makeup items beginners will need:

    1. Makeup brushes – THE most important items to have! You’ll be so spoilt for choice.
    2. Moisturizer – To prevent dryness of the skin.
    3. Primer – For the face or eyes, as using a primer underneath your makeup will make everything last longer and even for the whole day!
    4. Eyebrow powder/ pencil/ gel – It all depends on which you’re most comfortable with. Just don’t over-fill the brows though, as less is always better! Just practice, practice, practice with a dash of confidence!
    5. Eye liner – Gel liner or kohl pencil liner are good to start with.
    6. Mascara – Helps to lengthen your lashes and make your eyes look alert and fresh!
    7. Blushers – Choose shades of Pink or more of an Earth tone, for a pretty healthy glow in the morning.
    8. Lips – Gloss is good to moisten the lips and looks delicious! Whilst a lip stain can last almost the whole day.
    9. Foundation – Pressed powder, liquid, two-way cake, there are SO many different types of foundations and really entirely up to you.
    10. Concealer – To cover up all your problematic areas such as dark under-eye circles and blemishes. Get one at least 1 shade lighter than your skin tone.
    11. Loose Powder – To set your foundation and prevent your makeup from becoming cakey.

    natural organic makeup pretty fresh shop singapore

    I believe women can never get enough of makeup, and perhaps you feel the same way! Just remember to always have fun and give yourself time to play around with it and practice. It’ll feel awesome once you’ve gotten the hang of it!



    Lynn is a cat enthusiast, saves cats and loves being a freelance makeup artist who believes in emphasizing natural beauty instead of covering up beautiful imperfections that makes you, you.

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  • 5 Gorgeous Dresses With 5 Matching Organic Lipsticks To Start 2017 With

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    “Me and Jenny goes together like peas and carrots." -Forrest Gump

         Whilst Gump was talking more about the special relationship he shared with Jenny, we were head over heels in love with dresses and their matching organic & natural lippies that caught our eye this December!

         Time to usher in new outfits and cosmetics for the new year! We have specially handpicked 5 gorgeous outfits with each being a different style, to tide you through your game-changing moments plus looking pretty and staying true to your authentic style at the same time! All hailing from Singaporean online clothing boutiques, do give our local hustlers a leg up or two by checking them out. We applaud their taste and entrepreneurial spirit! Here are our choices and the accompanying (organic and natural, mind you) lipsticks to match each look!

          Haven't you heard? Lead is out and Shea Butter is in. ;)

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  • Flawless In A Minute

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    Become Flawless in a Minute, Moms!
    Only With Flawless-On-The-Go.

    This contraption of a green beauty girl’s best friend. They are not diamonds. Although they may sparkle prettily under the light, being little particles that act as a natural sunscreen, albeit not high SPF protection, but we heartily concur that some natural sunscreen is better than nothing at all, and so much better than those harmful toxic goodness-what-exactly-is-in-this kinda sunscreens.

    Why F-O-T-G? So Convenient.

    I’m talking about Fitglow Beauty’s Flawless-On-The-Go, the 2-in-1 ALL-NATURAL mineral foundation plus brush. I have never bothered to carry around with me any foundations to touch up my face, much less even carry around a brush with me to apply natural mineral foundations. Those facerubs that me and my baby indulge in doesn’t do my make-up any good as well. So imagine how thrilled I was to discover that Fitglow Beauty has such an ingenious way of making people like (lazy) me commit to carrying around a natural foundation at long last!

    Why FOTG? It’s FAST.

    Firstly, if you are a mother as well, you can probably relate to the fact that we do showers in under a minute (or maybe a couple minutes more, just need to ignore the thuds and screams of fighting and the crying of a baby), the same amount of time (1 minute) bathing each child, we slap together a sandwich or breakfast for the kids in the morning and heartily scream “the schoolbus is here, HURRY!!”. I mean, definitely, we politely remind them with all kindness in our hearts that the bus has come downstairs to pick them up for school. Yup. That’s exactly how it happens. So before you actually send them off, you might wonder what makeup routine you should adopt so that you don’t look like you just woke up and look like a mess in front of all your neighbours. This is YOUR ANSWER. Yes, questions get answered.

    How? Where?

    Flawless on the Go provides light to medium coverage and I personally also wear them over my Flawless Fluid (all-natural liquid foundation) as a setting powder, besides using it for those unglamorous but hurried mornings. Find out more about the all-natural, 100% non-toxic mineral foundation cum brush and choose your shade here (comes as a bronzer too) before the school term rolls around and the scenario pictured becomes all too familiar again. :)

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