Full of smiles and full of heart - we’re Pretty Fresh Shop. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Singapore, our team scours the world of natural beauty, for the most beautifully made beauty products consisting of the most effective, simple, joyful, unique & 100% natural (or close) certified organic or wild grown ingredients that are ethically sourced (when possible).

We started in our humble apartment and amidst children’s screams, nap times and breastfeeding schedules, we devotedly packed up your orders, wrote little love notes upon them, contacted couriers for speedy delivery, and then contacted you before and sometimes after, like a worried mother (Has our parcel arrived? Did it come in one piece? Are you happy with it?). 

We were at first inspired by the natural solution that cured our own skin issue and the painstaking experience of our kids’ nappy rash. Then came our desire to bring joy and make a difference in your lives (& in underprivileged communities), hoping our service to you made your day a little brighter and made you breathe a little easier. Today, we are working hard to expand our offerings and in finding people who believe in our mission and vision to become our passionate team members (if that’s you, drop us a line!).

Drop by our pop-up booths when we do one, suggest your favourite organic brand or product, share about us to your best friends and family, become part of our team or just come have (virtual) coffee with us. :)

For more ridiculously healthy content and more incessant ramblings, follow us on Instagram @prettyfreshshopsg and on Facebook (www.facebook.com/prettyfreshshop). Tag #prettyfreshshop to get featured!

The (Shy) Face Behind PFS

Indie Music Enthusiast. Natural remedy believer.
Mother Hen. Would be a Phoebe if she was in "Friends" (face palms). 
Enjoy your stay here!