Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash

Shea Terra Organics


100% Super Natural. Discover why YouTube and Facebook fans RAVE about this face wash. The world's most effective, amazing face wash! Based on an ancient African formula, using REAL African Black Soap, this wash works like microdermabrasion to get rid of dead skin, even skin tone, firm skin and fight acne. Look younger in just minutes of use. South African Rose Hips Oil calms skin and works wonders on maturing skin.

How To Use

Apply small amount of Rose Hips Black Soap Wash to entire face. Allow to set for 5 minutes. Rinse off. Repeat. This time use the palms of your hands to work away the dead skin as you rinse the wash off.


Spring water, Yoruban black soap (cocoa pod ash, plaintain peel ash, palm kernels, camwood bark), certified organic sunflower oil, certified organic coconut oil, potassium hydroxide (electrocuted salts- what makes oil into soap), certified organic rose hips oil, Kalahari mineral salts
Size: 4 oz.

The Story

This is one product that Tammie, Shea Terra Organics' founder, will not leave the house without using. Roughly a decade ago one of her clients brought her authentic African soap from West Africa. Yes- authentic- and yes- black. She had heard of black soap throughout her childhood but was very weary about its actual effectiveness. Her client had traveled Africa extensively, collecting various skin care regimens and other indigenous African products. He claimed that African black soap got rid razor bumps, discoloration of the skin, and much more.

Tammie was reluctant to try the black paste but eventually decided to give it a try. She was astonished by its results and continues to use the soap herself daily. Dealing with aging and hormonal fluctuations, Tammie can not imagine life without African Black Soap. The feedback she has received from her clientele over the years never ceases to amaze her. From teenagers plagued with acne, to aging men and women, to people looking to get rid of chemicals in their lifestyle, products made with authentic African black soap has changed the lives of many.

But wait! What really is African black soap? There is a lot of misconception about what black soap is. This product is so effective that there are even companies racking up on millions of dollars selling fake black soap- neatly shaped, hard bars dyed black, or black dyed liquid soap. Black soap comes in a few shades, from very black to brown. The base of the soap- ashes of plaintain and cocoa pods, determines the final color. Lighter brown versions often use less of the ashes. Tammie sources her black soap from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria who are believed to have been the original makers of this black soap. Believed to be descendants from Egypt, the Yorubans carried their knowledge of herbal medicine westward. They developed black soap to cleanse the skin from harmful parasites, etc. Today they still cook it up in traditional manner by first creating the ash and then cooking the ash with oils such as shea butter to form the final product.

Tammie's original Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash & Mask has changed little since its original inception. Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash & Mask begins with authentic African black soap combined with certified organic rose hips seed oil and crushed rose hips fruit. Rose hips oil is used for its cell regenerative properties, producing skin which is healthier as cells divide. Once applied to skin, the wash breaks down the sebum which holds on dead skin and debris like glue. Removing layers of skin, the face instantly looks years younger, firmer and has a healthy pink glow.


  • Made with authentic black soap- not dye
  • 100% Natural
  • Highly effective yet gentle
  • Naturally treats acne
  • No synthetic fragrance


I love this face wash! I have always struggled with acne and it has helped immensely. It has taken about two months to see a dramatic difference, but I love that it works and my face looks and feels great.
Reviewed by: Dr. Lindsey Blessing from Albuquerque, NM. on 6/2/2015

My cystic acne scars are fading!
I'm almost 40 and for some reason this past year I've gotten this horrible chin and cheek hormonal cystic acne for the first time in my life. Since I knew it was tied to my cycle, I've done some research and I started taking a Vitex supplement to help balance my hormones. And while that helped the number of outbreaks greatly diminish, I was still dealing with the scars from the past year. Enter this stuff, and wow, just wow. It does sting a little when you use as directed, but my acne is all but gone, and my scars have drastically faded and it's only been a few weeks. According to my cycle tracking, I should be covered in cystic acne now, but it's all but gone. When I feel a new one coming on, I use the Ayurvedic clay mask with this, and it's virtually non-existent overnight. This soap can be drying, so now I only use it in my problem areas 2x a day, and use something else on the rest of my face. I also do a combo of the rosehips oil and the tamanu oil combined on my chin/cheeks, so I don't know if that is helping or not. I know it's definitely not hurting.
Reviewed by: Anna Dampf from Philadelphia, PA. on 6/1/2015

its good but not for my sensitive skin
Pro: It cleans well Multipurpose wash (face wash and mask) No preservatives, no harsh smell Clears my skin, no sebum, no oil Cons:(My skin Reaction) It sting my face with prolong use Dries out *Take note i used this on a fall season , maybe that's why my skin got so dry leaving and alittle bit harsh it for 5 min with continues use everyday, maybe i should dilute it with water or use it on a hot summer months. I really want to like this but yeah... maybe i will try this summer and see how it goes. Reference on my skin: Sensitive, combo-dry , mild adult acne and big pores
Reviewed by: Chrisyl Peralta from Canada. on 5/21/2015

massage therapist
I just love this soap! It has been a struggle with my combination skin to find properly cleansed the T zone without drying out the rest of my face. I will say that the soap is not moisturizing and it has made me exfoliate more. But my skin feels tighter,like after a clay mask, pores are smaller and color is evening out. This is after 3 weeks of day/ night use. I'm very happy with this product's results.
Reviewed by: Simone Williamson from NYC. on 5/15/2015

Natural Cleasner
I decided to wait a while before posting a review. I began using this face wash in the first week of February and I really like the way it makes my skin feel. I do not have problem skin so my skin would be considered as normal but I did experience a week or so of dry patches on my face from the cold weather. I use this every morning while I'm getting ready to head out and after I lather it onto my face and chin, I let it sit for 5 minutes before rinsing. Since my skin is normal, it is always feels smooth and I rarely get breakouts so I can't tell if this is working for me or not. I do like that it is a natural cleanser and not very time-consuming to use. I only 28 so I do not have loose skin plus I'm black and we naturally have tight, firm skin so I can't say anything about that either but I do hope that it aids in keeping my skin firm into my older years along with the use of natural oils.
Reviewed by: Ashley McLeod from Pemberton. on 4/27/2015

I think this has cleared up my weird forehead- flakey disease. It smells like ashes which I find totally reassuring. I am so tired of overwhelming fake smells. The Febreeze-ization of everything. Give me ashes and carbon.
Reviewed by: Katherine Roth from NYC. on 3/22/2015

Been using this faithfully; twice daily for the last 2 weeks - finding I don't use make-up anymore; except for some blush. Absolutely love how smooth my skin looks and feels! Very definitely a must in my daily routine.
Reviewed by: STEFANIE YANCHO from Flint. on 3/21/2015

Skin saver in a bottle!
WOW this has totally transformed my skin! I worked in the cosmetics/skincare industry for many years and have worked with the most prestigious brands yet I never came across a product as miraculous as this black soap face wash. My very first order as a shea terra customer was this cleanser and I was truly amazed at how it immediately showed results and was the cure to all of my skin's problems. I no longer need to use a dozen products that have side effects, no longer need chemical peels, ditched all of the AHA's, BHA's, Retinols, etc... Thanks to this one product! I have normal skin but I do have rosacia with the occosaional hormonal breakouts that take forever to heal and also stain my sensetive skin. At first use I only left it on for like 4-5 mins and then within a couple of weeks I worked up for a full 10 mins. Even upon first use, my face had a healthy radiant glow! This stuff really reveals younger fresher and smoother healthy looking skin! So much so that I no longer need foundation- just concealer. I had some awful pimples that were brutal due to a new medication I was on and I was amazed at how the pimples shrunk within the very first use. I am very patient when it comes to giving products time to work so imagine my shock and how pleased I was at the instant gratification of seeing results upon first use! Any previous marks from past breakouts are gone and the best part is that this does not distrupt my sensitive skin. This takes care of flakes, breakouts, dull skin, pretty much everything & anything you can think of! I have gifted many of these bottles to people and every single person was a huge fan no matter what their skin type is. I am also a huge fan of the pure African black soap powder (the one that comes in a jar that you mix yourself) and while I will review that product separately- let me just say it's also an amazing product that I rotate between as well for my face. The powder version is very concentrated so while I can use this one daily the other is more of a few times a week thing. I have converted my entire skincare to shea terra but if I was stranded on a desert island and could only have one product with me- it would be this one right here!
Reviewed by: EMELINDA DEVITO from NY. on 3/20/2015

Rose hips black soap/ argan & Rosemary cleansing oil
I have suffered with acne since high school but it graduall got worse over the years. I have tried everything under the sun and nothing has worked, even the prescriptions I would get from my dermatologist. I was watching YouTube and came across a review for Shea terra organics. I've never heard of this brand but I seen such rave reviews and since I was at the end of my rope with products, I figured why not try something all natural and I am so glad I made that decision. These products has done wonders for my skin in the 2 1/5 weeks I have been using them. My pores have reduced majorly I have not had any breakouts and my skin looks so smooth and vibrant. I also got a sample of the rose hips & pink clay face bar and I alternate with that one in the morning and my black soap at night and I put a few drops of the oil as I was my face. I have found a holy grade product and nothing else will touch my face. If you haven't tried it you are truly missing out you need this product in your life.
Reviewed by: Georgah Xavier from California. on 3/9/2015

silky smooth soap
This soap is really lovely. It's super silky and I love the dark rich color. My skin feels tight and soft after use. I like to use it in the shower, and put it on while I wash my hair and body. That gives the soap time to really get in my skin and do its job. I've also used it kind of like a mask, putting it on and letting it dry for 10 minutes which worked nicely but stung a little so I would suggest leaving it on for only a couple minutes. My only desire for this amazing soap would be that it has some sort of a gentle exfoliant in it. Since it doesn't though, I like to use my ghassool clay as an exfoliater. :)
Reviewed by: Hannah Edge from Harbin Hot Springs. on 3/8/2015

Amazing Stuff!
My sister suggested this face wash to me, after we both agreed that we wanted to stay away from harsh cleansers with chemicals packed in them. I placed an order, received the face wash in the mail (very quickly, I might add), and started using it right away. I could immediately tell a difference. My skin tingled mildly and when I rinsed it off, my fingers actually slipped off my face- that's how squeaky clean my face was! I've been using this face wash for a few weeks now and my skin is almost completely clear. As I sit here typing this, I have 3 very small pimples that are rapidly drying and healing. And please let me explain- I have used just about every face wash, toner, moisturizer, name it. Specifically, Proactiv. Can I tell you how many times I cancelled my subscription and then frustratingly went back to them because my skin, for the past 17 years, would not give me a break? I would sit and cry, as a 30 year old woman, because the deep, red cystic acne on my jaw and chin hurt so much, that sometimes talking was too much. It was painful...and not just physically. It was carving out a huge dent in my confidence. I went back to Proactiv one last time. And within one week, had literally burned the skin off my face. I had red, flaky patches that burned so much when I tried to moisturize. I didn't know what was worse...that, or the acne! So when my sister stumbled upon Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash, you bet your a** I jumped. And now, just about one month later, my skin went from 20-30 acne bumps to 2-3 tiny little guys that are packing up and moving out. You have changed my attitude, Shea Terra Organics. You have changed my skin. And I cannot thank you enough!!!
Reviewed by: Sheena Stimpfl from PA. on 3/1/2015

I was t sure this would live up to the hype, but it's fabulous. I really have seen a major reduction in blackheads and fewer regular breakouts. It helps a bit with some of my hormonal breakouts along my jawline. It has a smokey smell that I actually like. A little goes a long way. Definitely worth trying if you're on the fence.
Reviewed by: Justine James from Las Vegas. on 2/22/2015

Miracle Soap!
I've been taking Spironolactone for years now to control painful and constant adult onset acne. I was also using topical antibiotics as well as harsh benzoyl peroxide and retinoids. After having terrible reactions to the topicals, and growing sick and tired of being on meds I found this incredible soap! I've been using it for four weeks, have dropped from 100 mg of Spironolactone per day to 12.5 mg and this is the week I'm coming off of it for good. I'm off of all topicals, and I'm completely acne free. I use the Rose-plenish Creme as well, and my skin looks better than it has in years. It works fast but is also nourishing and gentle to my skin.. I have reordered already as I never want to be without this soap!!!!! Thank you for this truly miraculous product!
Reviewed by: Beth Schreiber from Montana . on 2/14/2015

Love this stuff!
This product is amazing! I put it on and let it sit for about 10 minutes before I get in the shower, when I get out my skin is so smooth. I recently started using my Clarisonic after letting this sit on my skin for 10 minutes and wow! Skin so silky smooth it's shiny. I will never stop using this product, I love it.
Reviewed by: Lisa Pelikan from Georgia . on 2/13/2015

The Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash is AMAZING! I fell in love with this product about 4 months ago. I love that it's natural. I am a very active person from working 24-7 to lifting and running. This product completely cleanses my pores from the makeup, sweat and dirt that is in my everyday life. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I also love using it as a mask, making my face feel firm and smooth. I would recommend this product over anything!
Reviewed by: Tiffany Phares from Arlington, VA. on 2/13/2015

Wanted to love it, really did but found it too drying for my skin even tho used it just once a week. Got a few acne after using it (my skin does that if its too dry) but on the plus side it did somewhat reduce the redness of the acne (while causing other ones to pop up). May be good for those with less dry skin. Still want to love it but guess it just wasn't meant to be.
Reviewed by: Sarah Shamsul Azhar from Malaysia. on 1/30/2015

Wow, this is literally the only soap I've ever used that could not only *clear up* my cystic acne, but consistently keeps my face pimple-free! I've purchased the solid black soap to compare against (and possibly use for travel) currently this holds the highest place on my vanity since I use it every day!
Reviewed by: Marley Crusch from Manhattan, KS. on 1/25/2015

Awesome product!
Dealing with teenage hormonal acne and oily skin this is great at cleaning my skin and exfoliating it gently. The smell is a little bit pungent at first but you get used to it. Really love this product, it's amazing.
Reviewed by: Brian Glanville from Los Angeles, CA. on 1/23/2015

Great cleanser
After one use I felt my face was very clean and taught. I use this every other day since it's winter. Before rinsing it off, I'll take some sugar to help exfoliate my skin a bit more. Smooth every time. I no longer get blemishes and the blackheads are pretty much gone. I do notice I need to moisturize right away but I think that's a personal habit I have.
Reviewed by: Belinda Metz from Chicago. on 1/13/2015

So, I had extremely high hopes that this facial wash would work because of multiple recommendations from friends and associates, but the first time I used it, my face stung and I had red spots. This sometimes happens to me when I switch face washes, so I paid it no mind. However, for a week, I've used it once a day, and it really, really dried out my skin. While I did see slight improvement in my skin in some areas, the dryness just really bothers me a lot. I suppose it just isn't for me. I will be giving this to one of my friends who does enjoy using this product.
Reviewed by: Jessica Peou from Philadelphia, PA. on 1/11/2015


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